Doubinsky & Osharova continues to be among Top leaders in the field of intellectual property- WTR 1000, 2018

One of the authoritative international legal directories– World Trademark Review 1000 has published its annual edition WTR 1000 - The World's Leading Trademark Professionals, where Doubinsky & Osharova is recognized as the gold winner among the top IP firms in Ukraine. The annual recognition of so respected guide only confirms the Agency's desire to move on, to improve every year and always "feel" the client, providing the highest quality services. Also, the publishers note that “few firms can equal Doubinsky & Osharova’s riches in the IP field”.

At once five partners of the Agency are ranked in the individual ranking of WTR 1000. Three out of seven positions in the gold tier of the individual ranking belong to the Agency's partners, namely, Michael Doubinsky, Irina Osharova and Yaroslav Ognevyuk. Also, it should be noted that the Agency's partners Tatiana Shpakovich and Victoria Sopilnyak were highly marked in the bronze tier of the individual ranking.

The publishers of the ranking note that the managing partner of the Agency Michael Doubinsky has seen nearly everything there is to see in intellectual property, but his passion remains unwavering, as does his desire to leave new imprints on the country’s case law”.

Another “indisputably strong” figure is the partner Irina Osharova who “manages portfolios with aplomb”.

The partner Tatiana Shpakovich is the substantial player of the team. The publishers note that she is “a logical tactician who can find her way out of the most sinuous legal maze”.

The partner Yaroslav Ognevyuk is marked by the publishers as an IP expert in the most resonant cases who “frequently exchanges insights with fellow litigation whiz”.

In addition, it is worth noting that the partner Victoria Sopilnyak was first noted by the publishers for her professionalism. Victoria “continues to turn heads in the courtroom with deft footwork, strong powers of recall and impeccable lines of reasoning”.

Full results of the survey may be found at the link

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