Doubinsky & Osharova successfully defended rights in the dispute “Jack Daniel's” vs. “Black Jack”

On April 18, 2017, Doubinsky & Osharova defended rights of the world-famous owner of the “Jack Daniel's” brand in the case regarding the violation of the rights to the “Jack Daniel's” trademark and the patent invalidation of the “Black Jack” industrial design.

Thanks to the brilliant work and the well matched strategy, the Agency's lawyers have collected a sufficient evidence base and have proved to the court that the appearance of the beverage label under the “Black Jack” trademark is confusingly similar to the “Jack Daniel's” trademark. Thus, the court has barred the violation of rights to the client's trademark, including the use of the“Black Jack” label, and has also invalidated the patent for the industrial design, used by the defendant to  justify his rights to imitate the “Jack Daniel's” labels.

The interests of Jack Daniel’s Properties Inc. were represented by the partner of Doubinsky & Osharova Agency Yaroslav Ognevyuk and attorney Dmytro Nikulesko.

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