Guzema Jewelry & "Golden Age"

Recently the Ukrainian jeweler Valeria Guzema, owner of the jewelry brand Guzema Fine Jewelry, officially accused the jewelry company "Golden Age" of violating her intellectual property rights, namely of copying her first collection of 2016.

Valeria stated this in the social media and noted that she had filed a lawsuit. In their turn, the press office of "Golden Age" assured that they had not copied Guzema’s jewelries and could confirm that. The Company representatives also noted that the trend for open balls ring (an example of such a ring was provided by Guzema) appeared at the beginning of the 21st century in Italy. Moreover, if to talk about such model of a ring, it appeared in their model range in 2016, while according to the documents provided by Valeria, she received a patent for an industrial design in September 2018.

Whether it is possible to predict the outcome of this case today, what are the future scenarios for each of the parties and what could lead to a deepening of conflict, read in the comment of Victoria Sopilnyak, partner of Doubinsky & Osharova for the internet portal Retailers.

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