Legalising the illegal: how Russia is replacing foreign brands

After the invasion in Ukraine, more than 10,128 sanctions were imposed on russia, including a ban on the export of high-tech products, dual-use products, and some other goods. Additionally, more than 600 world-famous brands have announced their exit from the russian market. However, to go against the civilized world and to keep some goods and services available on its market, the russian government has made some changes to the regulations on IP. In this way, russia has demonstrated a total disregard for fundamental international treaties on intellectual property rights.  

Partner of "Doubinsky & Osharova" Anton Koval and lawyer Valeria Sokolova analyzed in detail the changes in russian legislation on intellectual property in their article for the World Intellectual Property Review, focusing on the following issues:

- compulsory licensing;

- rise of infringing activities and the absence of IP protection for rightsholders;

- introduction of parallel import of goods;

- temporary management of foreign enterprises.

In addition, Anton and Valeria expressed their opinion on how the international community should respond to gross violations of IP rights by the aggressor country.

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