The online marathon for the World Anti-Counterfeiting Day on June 9, 2020.

Having an extensive experience in the fight against counterfeiting, Michael Doubinsky highlighted his thoughts on countering the production and distribution of counterfeit and pirated products. He noted that the fight against fakes in Ukraine could be more effective on condition of the state’s support, namely:

  • improving education of law enforcement bodies and judges on the fight against fakes and the consideration of cases related to criminal punishment;
  • further development of the concept about transferring of the power to consider criminal cases related to counterfeiting to the High Intellectual Property Court;.
  • development of the comprehensive measures that will consider counterfeiting as a part of the criminal business, and fighting accordingly against such criminal activity;
  • legislative regulation in the area in question, namely determination which principle of rights exhaustion to marks for goods and services should be applied: national or international. This is important factor the presence or absence of fakes in Ukraine depends on;
  • state control over the distribution of counterfeit goods - what government bodies deal with this question and where to appeal in case counterfeits are detected.

The performance of Michael Doubinsky is available by the link (from 1:06:37):

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