The online forum "Intellectual Property: The Potential for The Restoration of Ukraine"

On July 1, the online forum "Intellectual Property: The Potential for The Restoration of Ukraine" was held. This forum became the first large-scale event since the beginning of the war, which brought together all the leading IP specialists of Ukraine - representatives of three branches of government, lawyers, patent attorneys, experts, and other specialists - to discuss critical issues that have arisen in the realities of martial law, the challenges business has faced, as well as prospects, vectors of development and potential of the intellectual property sector in Ukraine.

The forum was held in the format of three discussion sessions. Specialists of "Doubinsky & Osharova" were involved in the discussion in all forum sessions.

The first, political, session was devoted to the discussion of essential processes taking place in the IP sphere at the national and international levels. Managing Partner of "Doubinsky & Osharova" Michael Doubinsky during his speech focused the attention of the audience on the need for proactive state policy in the field of intellectual property, intensification of legislative actions in the context of granting Ukraine official status as an EU candidate country, effective implementation of legislative norms in practice, completion of the procedure for creating an IP court, creating favorable conditions for investment in the post-war period. In addition, he stressed that after the victory in the war, Ukraine has all chances to become a regional leader in the IP sphere. The main thing is to take it!

As a moderator of the political session, Mykola Pototsky, counsel of "Doubinsky & Osharova", stressed that the restoration of Ukraine is impossible without an innovative economy, and therefore there is already a need for the state to create favorable conditions for the development of innovative business.

The second session of the forum was devoted to business issues. The participants of the discussion shared their experience of how their companies worked during four months of the war, how they organized cooperation with clients, what challenges they faced, and how the problem situations was solved. Victoria Sopilnyak, partner of "Doubinsky & Osharova" spoke about how "Doubinsky & Osharova" works under martial law, what is the demand of various industries for IP services and also shared her thoughts on the industries that will likely be consumers of IP services in the future.

During the third, a law enforcement, session, practical and procedural issues of interaction with NIPO, courts, customs, and law enforcement authorities during martial law were discussed. Senior partner of "Doubinsky & Osharova" Tatiana Shpakovych talked about the organization of work with NIPO, and about her experience of solving problematic issues that may arise during registration actions regarding intellectual property objects.

Anton Koval, partner of "Doubinsky & Osharova" shared with the audience his experience in interaction between representatives of copyright holders and judicial authorities, submission of procedural documents, and spoke about the problematic aspects of collecting evidence during martial law.

The activity of the forum participants made it possible to formulate the main issues that require priority solutions to effectively operate the IP sphere during martial law and attract investment and innovation in Ukraine in the postwar period.


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