Ukrainian Business Forum 2019

On September 24th, 2019, senior partner of "Doubinsky & Osharova" Tetyana Shpakovich spoke at the Ukrainian Business Forum 2019 on the subject "Intellectual property as a tool for business structuring and tax optimization using IP Box".

This year, the Forum brought together more than 300 participants from 15 countries around the world who were interested not only in receiving valuable information but also in sharing their experiences in the context of all changes related to the implementation of the BEPS plan.

Tatyana Shpakovich devoted her speech to such topical issues in the field of intellectual property:

• implementation of the BEPS plan and its implications for IP / Patent Box modes in the near term;

• which intellectual property objects can be quilified as assets according the new IP / PatentT box modes;

• approaches to building an intellectual property portfolio for business structuring and tax optimization purposes.

The forum was held in the format of co-working for Ukrainian businessmen, executives and representatives of foreign companies: two thematic discussions, communication with experts and exchange of experience, discussion of current business problems and new business acquaintances.

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