Legislation on industrial designs, TM, inventions and utility models: what has changed.

On July 21, 2020, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted two laws that strengthen the legal protection of intellectual property in Ukraine:

  • The Law “On amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning strengthening the security and protection of trademarks and industrial designs and fight against patent trolling” (bill 2258);
  • Law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine (concerning the reform of patent law)” (bill 2259).

For now, both laws are awaiting the signature of the President of Ukraine.

Partners of Doubinsky & Osharova Tetyana Shpakovich and Victoria Sopilnyak commented for Yuridicheskaya Praktika newspaper on novelties of the laws, focusing on the controversial norms, and assessed the potential impact of the mechanisms and instruments prescribed by laws on the practice of protecting intellectual property rights.

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