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  • Doubinsky & Osharova Patent and Law Agency is a team of motivated professionals. Our skills are based on the deep knowledge of national and international practice and on our rich experience.
  • The Agency provides fully integrated services in IP field keeping high standards of professionalism, reliability and efficiency.
  • Activities of the Agency are aimed at protecting of IP assets of our Clients and developing effective strategies of IP management and enforcement.
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The impact of BEPS plan, in particular paragraph 5 (measures of prevention of unfair tax practices in the light of transparency and the real presence of companies (Substance), on the further use of IP Box modes by Ukrainian companies was described by Tatyana Shpakovich, senior partner of “Doubinsky and Osharova”, and patent attorney of “Doubinsky and Osharova” Irina Serdyuk in their article for publishing house “Yuridicheskaya Praktika”.

Memorandum of cooperation.

In December 2019, Doubinsky & Osharova and the Office of Effective Regulation (BRDO) signed a memorandum of cooperation for their projects DO Innovations and Start Business Challenge.

Doubinsky & Osharova is among the best in ‘Market leaders’ survey

Doubinsky and Osharova is recognized as the law firm № 1 for Intellectual Property in Ukraine according to the ‘Practices leaders’ ranking.

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